Hiring To Entertain The Kids And The Big Kids

Clarinda of My Rendezvous has been telling me, this service of entertaining and setting a program for the kids on their birthdays. I was not convinced at first because in my thought I can set up games for the kids and to hire someone to do that would be a waste of money.

When I saw the entertaining tricks of the guy whom Clarinda and her family hired for her nephew last May, I must admit that it was really awesome even the big kids had fun watching the show. I thought to hire them on Faith baptismal but at that time I was uncertain because of the cost that we spent on the venue.

But since I am already earning and had saved enough for the food and the cake, and I also had some money left from my electric bill Terry sent me yesterday, I went to their office, hoping I could still get a reservation. The girl in charge joyfully accommodated me right away and called their main office to inquire if they could still serve us on Sunday.

I was so glad that the slot is still vacant and they are available for us. The kids must enjoy the show and the big kids as well. So for the meantime, I have to forget the wedding preparation to concentrate to our love bug’s double birthday party!

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4 Responses to “Hiring To Entertain The Kids And The Big Kids”

  1. momgen says:

    apil ko sa party bi hehehe. BTW, got you an tag Anne.

    IT is here

  2. anne says:

    hi gen I will grab the tag later hehehe. You can come anytime girl

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    Hello Anne! I am sure excited na jud ka sa birthday party sa daughters nimo. How exciting oi, naa jud entertainment. Naa pud parlor games? hehehe

  4. anne says:

    Naa parlor games pud hazel hehehe malingaw lagi pati dagko ani

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