I Gave You Six Peso Coins And Yet You Still Stole My One Peso Coin

My Mom was a devoted Catholic when she was still alive, she was an active member of Charismatic Organization but she slowly become inactive because of her business in the wet market. She sells fish and the like that made her so busy; she even included the Sunday and spent her time selling wet goods.

My mom worked hard for us that she didn’t realize she already forgotten to hear mass or attend their gatherings. We were abundant when Mom still has her business, but even so, Dad was inviting her to go with him when he goes to church. My Dad was also a devoted Catholic before but my Mom kept herself busy on her business.

One day, she got sick and was admitted in the hospital. My dad loves my Mom so much that sometimes we found him crying in a corner, praying so hard that my Mom will soon recover soon. But it was not answered, her illness made her become so weak. One day, she asked my Dad to send her a priest so she could confess and asked for forgiveness. She told Dad that she dream of a man said “I already gave you six pesos but you still stole my one peso.” Dad did not figure it out at first but later he realized that the man was our GOD trying to tell my Mom of the seven days of the week, we can spend or do anything in that six days and Sunday should we spend our time with him. It is not a hard task, in fact he only asking for only one day together with him.

My Dad cried and went to get a priest in the Church. Mom was able to confess before she died. Our neighbor even saw her walking with an umbrella under the rain going to the church, she asked her if she was already recover, my mom seems didn’t hear her and just went on. Our neighbor told us that she saw Mom; my sister was surprised and informed her that God already took our Mom and in fact when she saw Mom walking at that very hour. It was the time that Mom was gone for heaven.

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6 Responses to “I Gave You Six Peso Coins And Yet You Still Stole My One Peso Coin”

  1. momgen says:

    There are reasons for everything…TC

  2. jHeLea says:

    hello girl kahilak gyud ko aning post nimo…..corek gyud na…we oftentimes forget God and His blessings…

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    oh, this is one sad story. Indeed, we should give praise and thank GOD no matter what time of the day. Actually in a minute we can say a prayer for God, and let’s take time to attend mass during Sundays…

    He’s just asking for 1 hour or so of our time and let’s take time to give it to God.

  4. anne says:

    Hi gen yes your exactly right theres a reason why such thing happen in our lives

  5. anne says:

    hi Jhlea mao lagi my father was really in love with my Mom and it was really a big lose for him when Mom died unexpected

  6. anne says:

    your right hazel, but sometimes we just are so busy that even 15 minutes of praising him we can’t do

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