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My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is too far away yet and it’s pretty ironic because I don’t celebrate it that much, I often celebrate my birthday with thanking our GOD for giving me another abundant year of blessings, love and joys. And since one of my closest friend here in blog sphere asking me of my wish list Mommy Gen of Wonderful Things in Life thank you for always putting me on your list to tag me. Anyway here’s my birthday wish list.

Rules Of The Tag:

1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.


  1. To get married with Honey this year, wish there will be no unexpected things will occur in the middle of the preparations.
  2. To settle the adoption paper of MJ the soonest possible time after the wedding, wish it don’t cost us much.
  3. To apply for spousal visa, wish this time there will be no delays.
  4. Wish to give my sister enough capital for her business when we go to MA with Honey.
  5. Wish for good health, honestly I am scared to go to medical Doctor for check up.
  6. Wishes and Prayers to all my sisters health, life and fortunes ( To win for a lotto is good enough hehehe)
  7. Wishes for my kids to reach their dreams and would finish their college as it is the only treasure we could give them that is for last.
  8. Wish for happy family life with Terry.
  9. Wish for God to give us enough strength and long life for our kids.
  10. and last but not the least I wish and pray for economy crisis will be gone soon and for the people to overcome this global storms.
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My Baby In The Basket


Uhmm, yummy noodles
I was starving can’t wait for the next bite

Burp, I’m full
Her high chair actually… Since she doesn’t owe one, my sister Merlyn figure out a solution to minimize her moves while eating or grabbing things around.

And that is our basket, which we used to cover our left food in the table. Faith is not a fat bulging baby, she is small but a little chubby and she surely can fit inside the basket.

She woke up so early in the morning yesterday and together with Sister Irenie they went outside the house for walk, she went inside the house when its time for her bath. And since she woke up so early, she had her eyes closed just before her breakfast is serve. She had her breakfast already around ten a.m. and I bet she was so hungry because she opens her mouth so quickly while her mouth was still full.

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