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No Update?

As you always notice, I usually update its either this blog or my other blog. But since I was too busy preparing for my monsters birthday party, I was not able to do it.

Last night, I slept too early as 11:00 p.m. [Hehehe] that is early for me though since I always slept around 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. lurking in the computer. But because we had so many things for me to get done today, I have to drag myself not to open my page after I chatted with Terry, I needed to discipline myself so I would have ample rest and I won’t be groggy today.

This morning, my sister rented a tape entitles rogue. The story entails about a crocodile that hunts some tourists group who made a detour to avoid the flare on their way back and that to catch up their flights or appointment, the captain name Kate doubted to do it and suggested that they just wait for the flare to vanish, the groups were so anxious and needed to get to land the soonest possible time. So the captain opted to detour in as what she said the sacred place, never did she know that a huge hungry crocodile awaits them to come over and would hunt them to death.

The movie was stressing though but if you want to have some fun time to shout your lungs out, maybe this is the movie right for you.

Moving on, I rested for a while after watching the movie because it drain my energy out and my heart was thumping so hard that I thought of sitting in a chair would lessen the stress at least before I will take my bath. I have to prepare myself real fast though because we need to talk to the person who will cook our roasted pig for tomorrow, we need to know how much does the pig would cost us, but we did not caught him on his house, so we headed to buy a live pig in the nearest market.

I thought, to buy a live one was easy but no its not. It was not because I had a hard time choosing the right and healthy pig but because I felt pity for the pig. When we came near their jail, the in charge hit them a bit so they would stand up and that I can choose, the pigs then stood up crying. When I choose the one we thought was best, his feet was tied so tight and carried to the motorcycle that we rented, he was in pain I know for every time we hit a bumpy road the pig really cried out so loud. You find my feeling so odd but darn! I really felt pity with the pig. From the market to our place seems like forever, it was stressful indeed.

Good thing that later in the afternoon, I had fun with Faith getting some rides inside the mall, though Faith was pretty amused with the people walking around and the ride that we got. Obviously she had fun walking around because she sometimes attempting to jump. And to listen with her cute laugh and giggles helped me to relax a bit.

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