My Faith and Mj’s Birthday Party

Hi guys! I was too busy yesterday as it was the birthday party of Faith, my apology if I did not post the event yesterday. I was too exhausted and I cannot think of anything what to post here. I was not even chatted Terry yesterday morning because we have to get ready to go to church at least before lunch.

When we went home, everyone was so busy. The visitors would be here at lunch and it was already 11:30 a.m. the roasted pig still was not here yet. The reason why I have set the party start at lunch because some of my friends from CCT would be here soon, they did not have sleep and yet they went over here straight from log out and one of them still has to work at night. Although the rest of them would be their night off tonight I still have to consider the fact that the time, which was supposedly their hour to get rest, was spend here to celebrate with us. Thank God that the roasted pig came just on time.

They sang a birthday song first Mj was not there because she was busy inviting some friends around, as you can see the number 08 in the cake was put behind and number o1 was put in front. Well Mj has her song already at school though, so I guess that was all right with her.

Faith did not like to be the center of attraction at all, she was so shy when our visitors keep on looking at her expect her to hug tight and never look around.

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20 Responses to “My Faith and Mj’s Birthday Party”

  1. The Beauty Within says:

    Thanks for inviting us over Anne..The kids did enjoy the party…Happy Bday to Mj and Faith!

  2. chubskulit says:

    Wow, bongacious naman ng handaan natin dyan hehehe… My kids love barney… who made the cake? so pretty!

  3. Rosa says:

    WOW! both same birthday? That is really cool. Isang handaan nalang kapag magpa-party. Hehe! Happy Birthy to Faith and MY!:-) More Birthday come.

  4. momgen says:

    Oh happy birthday Faith and MJ. Hope your wish come true. Wow sarap naman may party kainan na hghehhehe. TC

  5. inday_adin says:

    Oh my gosh! That is so sweet mommy Anne B.. looks like they had such great time during the party.. Congratulations! It was a success!:)

  6. Dhemz says:

    Wow! sis dami handaan ah…looks yummy ang mga pagkaon..kalami sad uy…maypa dha kay can afford to have a bongacious bday party…nako in grabi ka mahal..samot na kung cartoon characters…hehhe!

    Looks like everybody had a blast….hehhe…thanks for sharing the photos…:)

  7. jHeLea says:

    ganahan ko ni Barney girl….na slim na baya ka…….

  8. Ozzy's Mom says:

    happy birthday to MJ 🙂 the cake looks yummy ehehehehe

  9. Mom of Four says:

    Wow, engrande ah. I seen the video too, daming bisita..I guess, everybody had a great time..

  10. Amor says:

    Wow kasadya sa b-day celebration nila MJ and Faith!Enjoy gyd kaayo mo sa inyo pics ba.Na-a bay nabilin na pagkaon Ann,panghatag beh 🙂

  11. anne says:

    salamat kau sa pag anhi grace ganahan kau si faith ni pooh hehehe

  12. anne says:

    Hello chubzkulit the cake was from goldilocks.

  13. anne says:

    Hello rosa nope their bday did not actually fall in the same day, Mj was born on 27th and faith on feb 08, ang party nila sa 08 ko na lang isenet since they were just one week apart yata, although mj already had a party bash at school

  14. anne says:

    Hi Mommy gen, thanks for the greetings.

  15. anne says:

    Hi adin, hehehe it was indeed a success buslot sad ang bulsa hahaha

  16. anne says:

    hello dhemz perti tawon sad nako save ani oi hehehe, budget jud

  17. anne says:

    Hala jhlea tawon salamat jud ingon ka nga namayat nako hahaha cheers ikaw ra jud sulti nako ana hehehe

  18. anne says:

    Hi Ozzy thanks for the greetings

  19. anne says:

    Hello Mom of Four yup everyone had a great time, I hope so thanks for viewing the videos

  20. anne says:

    Hehehe nus a man ka uli dinhi amor? hehehe

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