Worries No More

I was so worried this past few days, when Terry told me he would be having this certain check up whom all should acquire for when they reach a certain age. I got more worried when he said he should not eat for about 26 or more hours.

It was I guess 24 hours that he hasn’t eaten anything and yet he was still working because his appointment would be tomorrow morning, he just drank a lot of water to fill his stomach. He cannot even get enough sleep the night before his doctor appointment for the call of nature.

I’d been telling him to take good care and that he should not drive when he doesn’t have enough strength, good thing that Mike, his workmate had fetch him up at home and send him to the medical building and vice versa.

The check up went smoothly and the doctor did not found anything from his system. He also message me right away when he arrives at home that everything just fine. I was not able to read his message because it was four a.m. in the morning yet, I just woke up when Faith bang the cellphone on my forehead [LOL] maybe she was trying to say “Hey Mom, you got a text from Dad” [Hehehe]

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2 Responses to “Worries No More”

  1. inday_adin says:

    hehehe… that’s the way to wake up mommy. Good thing nothing bad is happening to your sweetie, mommy Anne B.

  2. anne says:

    Yup THank GOD Mommy A, it was just some check up and nothing serious,

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