When The Time Comes

Even though our time to being together in Maryland is too far away yet since the plan we had was change, we still can’t help to think and talk of our vacation together as a family when the time comes.

Terry is so excited to let us see and experience the place he had been; in fact he is already looking for some resorts and hotels to stay while we are having a nice vacation with the kids. And since he stayed for a while in Virginia, there is this certain place he wanted us to see and that when you enter the place, you would experience the best of both world because you would be like seeing the nature of the past while enjoying every bit of alluring views of today.

Westgate Historic Williamsburg is the exact place Terry has been referring to and in due time he said, he would make a reservation for it. Well, for me as long as there’s him, and me, I am sure everything would turn out great.

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