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They Will Tie A Knot On May

Yup you heard it right; Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos would have their wedding on May 2009. Though there is no definite date that was set yet, they plan to have the wedding held out of town with close relatives and friends.

The couple wanted to have their wedding simple and very intimate in contrast with Juday’s much public and followed private life. In fact they wanted to only have a two Ninong and Two Ninang and they are planning to have no TV ads or TV coverage, they will just provide the footage of their wedding from their wedding videographer and their own photographer who happens to be their friends who offered a free service in covering the said event.

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo has been my favorite ever since they announced the public that they are already boyfriend/girlfriend. And even though Judy Ann’s fame to showbiz it never a reason for this couple to break up instead they give their best for their relationship and their career.

I wish them best and a journey of love forever!

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Just Being Silly Here

The song “You Changed My Life” has been reverberating in my mind for one week now and I got more inspired when I saw the video of that song, last Saturday, I open my You Tube account and search for it, so I could blog it here.

But to copy paste the video of that alone did not satisfied me after all, [Hahaha] Instead I grabbed my digital camera and video myself toinks! with that song. Anyway, just don’t open it when you don’t feel like it. I got nothing else to do here, so bear with me {LOL}

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