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Done With Our Review

Finally were done with our review just before we took dinner. Mj’s one favorite subject is Math but I guess not with Calendar thing [lol] she was having a hard time with the equivalent with its either how many weeks would that be in seven days and how many months would be in eight weeks.

I thought we would take a longer time studying the history since she is not into theory but not this time because in so many hours we stick to Math specifically in Calendar issue. I repeatedly asked her the same question with different cases like how many days in three months so on and so forth.

Then at last she recited and learned it well, I hope she remembers it all for her exam tomorrow. On the lighter note, she told me that she thinks her English Exam would result alright. Well, I hope she would get the highest score this time and not only the undying ever-favorite Math.

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So Blurry!

Last month, my sister bought new antennae for our TV. Actually she had me pay the half price of it, I was not convinced that it would work since our TV was not properly working and was not clear when they connected it. But they made us believe that the TV would work well, once we buy a remote control for it.

My sister bought a remote control a week after we bought the new antennae, we hoped to watch it much clearer but in the contrary we were just displease of what we saw. It was worst and so blurry that we have to turn around the antennae outside so we could glimpse a little of what happen to the show that we were watching.

Grrrr, how I wish to buy a Slingbox instead of as they said the high tech antennae they offered as it gives more convenient in our part since we would just press the button of that when we want to make it clear, but look at what we’ve got, definitely we were just being fooled.

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Lunch And Review

Whew! I got a long day yesterday, first I have to go to MJ to check if she already ate her lunch, actually she has been good since yesterday she finish her lunch, even without me, she said the egg that she brought was tastefully yummy.

At lunch yesterday, I found her with her classmate at the bench outside their classroom, she was holding her lunch pack and as soon as I approached her she showed me right away her empty container. As a reward of her good deeds I gave her a piece of chocolate donut from Dunkin Donut when I return at school from getting the money for their tuition fee.

Since it was already dismissal from their class, we both waited for her motor pool to arrive and went home together. I told her to change her clothes so we could review. Were done the English subjects, so we concentrated on her Filipino and Christian Living for that would be the subject they will go to take on today.

In a while, when she’s already here from school, I am sure we will be busy again reviewing her other subjects like History and Math. So that was my reason and would be my reason why I was not able and will not be able in case I can’t update my blog later tonight. I wish you all a a happy Thursday. Keep smiling!

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