I Found Him There

Maybe some of you, knows where and how Terry and I met each other as I joined sometime ago a love story contest here in blogsphere. My story was not picked up as the top but I am confident that some of you like it.

Like some other courtship, it was not an easy process as we have to consider some other things first, its either his feeling was true and so was I. But later on I realize it was only me who took the courtship long and it was me who don’t trust at all. You could not also blame me because I have hurt and wounded so deep caused by a man whom I thought was my knight in shining armor.

But Terry changes my perception about commitment and love because he showed me what true love is, definitely the genuine one. From then on, nobody could ever separate us though miles apart, our love continues and has proven everything and yes I am proud I found him in one of those sites.

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