Little Bride Mj, What Do You Think?

I was so delighted to know that the wedding gown I choose last month was not yet sold. Since I did not made a down payment for it yet, I grabbed my two friends to accompany me to check the gown if it was still available.

I made a down payment for the entourage for a little binding with the owner to reserve that gown for me. My two good friends since they were one of the bridesmaids had their measurement right away. The owner said she would buy the materials needed the soonest possible time for the gowns and will just message me to take a look of the color that she would combine definitely the color that should top it all is the turquoise, although there’s a bit of pink on it.

Terry didn’t know that I made a down payment for the gown since that money was intended only for Faith’s milk and some grocery to shop on that day. Well, for my assurance that the wedding gown would only reserve for me, P1000.00 was not bad at all right? Anyway, I told him about that later in the afternoon when he called me and asked if the money he sent was still enough.

When we were discussing some other stuff, the owner suggested to include a little bride in the entourage since the gown for the little bride is free. I have seen a little bride wedding in a certain site and I actually like the idea but the thought of paying an additional charge keeping me to take aback.

Anyway, since it was free I grabbed it and unquestionably Mj would be my little bride. She would probably happy to know about it, I am hiding it this time so she would be surprise when she fit her little gown.

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10 Responses to “Little Bride Mj, What Do You Think?”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Oh wow, sister I’m excited for you.. When it will be ba?

  2. momgen says:

    That is cute Anne. Hmm ako wa gyd anang boda ba kay civil wedding man ko…

  3. Twerlyn says:

    oi! kaslunon d-i ka Anne.. BEst wishes in advance! =)

  4. anne says:

    Hello chubz on june hopefully hehehe

  5. anne says:

    hehehe ok ra girl as long as ure together di ba

  6. Hazelicious929 says:

    Wow! naa ka little bride Anne! I am sure your daughter MJ would love the idea too, she will experience and see her mom getting married. ang sweet naman!

  7. anne says:

    hi haze, yup she would be happy to know that, as of now we still did not told her hehhee

  8. Mom of Four says:

    Oh that little bride gown would look great on Mj. When are you getting married?

  9. anne says:

    sa june puhon liz hehehe puhon puhon maluoy ang ginoo

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