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Can’t You See Were Busy!

What will you do when you ask for your bill in a restaurant and the waiter will answer you “Can’t you wait? Were busy!”

That was what happens to me yesterday, after church we headed immediately to Penong’s Barbecue and Grill restaurant so to feed our stomach. I didn’t take my meal at lunch so I was really starving, the restaurant was jam-packed with so many customers, like them we waited for others to finish, in fact were guarding one table so we could replace them the moment they were done.

So as you can see, we were also patiently waiting our butt from the start we went there down to waiting of the food, not to mention they serve their food so late because of so many customers ordering their barbecues and stuff. We absolutely understand that, if they can’t accommodate us real fast.

What I am venting out here is when we asked for our bill so many times even before we finish our food, in fact Sister Merlyn, with Faith and Mariel went out already because they had given us our bill way too long. Then I asked again another waiter, the waiter who was in charge of the unlimited rice, to send us our bill. I also told him that we already waited for 30 minutes and my company went out already. The waiter passes by to us, and when he was a bit far he said “Can’t you wait? Were busy!”

Dear Lord! In my entire life, I never experienced treated like that as a customer in any establishment. I went to their cuunter and simply told the cashier if they needed my money coz if they don’t, I will just walk away and leave my bill behind, the cashier was surprised, and the manager quickly accommodated me.

While paying, I express my grief towards the manager telling him, how their waiter treated their customers specifically with that ugly beast one. That they should have a proper seminar in handling the customer and their being hectic is not a mere excuse to tell the customer “Can’t you see? Were busy!”

I left after I made a complain about that waiter, the manager said sorry I hope they would learn from that lesson.

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