Honey Is Ready

Our wedding supposedly set almost two years ago when he came here the first time, we were already inquiring things for the wedding but suddenly, I change my mind and told him to apply for a fiancée visa instead.

I guess he is more excited than I was because he already bought a tuxedo for the supposedly our big day. Good thing he was not disappointed to me at all instead he understands my eagerness to be with him the soonest possible time.

And since our visa was delayed for some reason, I once again suggested to cancel it so we can pursue with the original plan to get married here. He will bring the suit when he is here on the wedding day, I already actually seen it and goodness he looks so darn gorgeous in it.

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2 Responses to “Honey Is Ready”

  1. Twerlyn says:

    ay mao ba dugay na unta mo pakasal? anyway, mas dali na ron ang CRI ug CR2 ..makaya ug 6mons ra ang processing..amua na 8mons kay wa man ko klaro , wako dayon nagkuha ug passport nako mao naabot ug 8mons. ayaw kuha ug K3 ug K4 kay mas mahal then tigaan pa ka problema inig abot sa US…more documents to think about..Same ra ang duration sa processing sa K3 ug CR1.

  2. anne says:

    mao bah twerl, thanks sa info girl

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