Love Can Never Be Fathom or Measured

Have you questioned love before? Have you told your partner that the time he spent to you was not enough?

I have just watched a movie yesterday with the kids and the most part I like from the movie was when the girl question the love of the guy, she even said her love was greater than the guy and the guy could not level the love that girl has given to him, he did his best but for the girl it was not enough.

In my own definition, love always understand and patience, it never questioned and should never be measured whether your love is greater than the one you loved. It is fair because it is love.

When you decide to enter a relationship, it acquires time and effort to make it grow, you make it grow because you want the love to prosper and to make it forever. And if your partner can’t seem to meet what you expect, don’t let the relationships go that easy instead try to think of what possible way should you both can meet halfway. It is hard but you know what make that easy?

It is your love both to each other that if when the other one can’t make him/her duty at times, you are there to fill in what seems to be lacking and to understand one another. As long as you know that your partner loves you more than anything, that even there are times that he may be busy at work and that you seem to feel that you are less important to his life, think it this way, that even he is at work, you are the only one he had think of because you are the most and the best thing that ever happen to his life.

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4 Responses to “Love Can Never Be Fathom or Measured”

  1. Bill says:

    That is the biggest question in the world. Different people will tell you different things. I feel that is something you feel deep inside you. Also when that certain person is not around you go crazy. I have something for you Anne at my site. Swing by when you can. See ya

  2. momgen says:

    Oh there are many definitions of love but for me it is like a firs that when it starts big it is hard to stop hahhahaha…Bitaw happy weekend diha.

  3. anne says:

    Hi bill thanks fro dropping by

  4. anne says:

    Thanks for the comment mommy gen

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