So Worried

He is still not alright, I am so darn worried, Although he said that he was sweating today and his fever was not as high as yesterday I can’t help to be so worried.

His trip would be up soon and if his fever would continue, his flight would be postponed again. I wish his fever would really subside and he would feel well so he would be here this march so we can settle all the things that we need to settle.

Plus, I miss him and the kids and I can’t afford to see him sick like that especially now, especially that we are so miles apart. I wish to take good care of him, I wish the kids could see him so it would bring him smile. They said when you see the kids around or hear their laugh and smile; it would make you easy to recover.

I wish to be near with him someday, I wish the being apart would stop I wish to no more goodbyes in the airport, I wish to just say see you later instead.

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8 Responses to “So Worried”

  1. momgen says:

    We will just pray about it my dear. God knows what is best for us. TC

  2. Bill says:

    I am truly sorry to hear that your hubby is still sick. I pray that he fever will break very soon and that you can be united once again. God bless my friend.

  3. Amor says:

    Hope Terry will get well soon.It’s really hard when you’re far and you wanted to take care of him.

  4. Marie says:

    Hi Anne,

    Kaw ang nakadaug sa 4th prize kay genny na contest ryt. Kanang ask unta ko about ur exact url sa EC kay send nako ang EC sa imoha na imong nadaug.

  5. Mom of Four says:

    I hope he gets better soon. Don’t worry, you love will make him recover fast..

  6. eden says:

    Am sorry to hear that Terry is sick. hope he will get well soon. I include him in my prayers. take care and hugs to the kids

  7. Gee says:

    Prayers really help a lot specially when you are not physically there to take care of Terry. He’s such a sweet fellow, you deserve each other Anne.

    By the way, here’s the tag I had been telling you about. Smile!

  8. momgen says:

    Anne got you a tag…

    It is here

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