Coloring Book, Pajamas And A New Bag

The DSAT birthday party has to end early at 12 nn today for most of my workmates, I mean previous workmates has to log as early as 8pm tonight, well even though I arrived there late I believed I was able to give them some smile because I brought a cake for them as promised and my way to greet my team as well a Happy 2nd birthday DSAT!

Anyway, right after the long chitchats at the venue and my dentist appointment this afternoon that is supposedly was yesterday but because of the rain that keeps on pouring the whole day, I decide to stay my butt at home. Mj and I went to the mall to grocery shop but when we finish our lunch at 2:00 p.m. we thought to roam around since Mj asked for a new coloring book, after I paid for the coloring book, we went further and then I saw the big on sale of all bag items. Honestly I don’t usually buy personal things if the one I used is still in tact however my bag I am using now is I think need to be replace, aside from the skin of the sling has peeled off, its zipper is not working already too.

I spotted also a pajama that is only P129.00 for two and a short for Mj, which is only P35.00, not bad at all right? The Araw ng Davao is fast approaching and that explain why all the malls got their items on sale. When were done grocery shopping we hurriedly went home as Faith was waiting for us to be home, I have her favorite arrozcaldo and I’m sure she would love it for dinner.

Mj is now busy with her coloring book and I am so droopy here while blogging. And yet I have to write down all the expenses for today. Haay life!

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2 Responses to “Coloring Book, Pajamas And A New Bag”

  1. Hazelicious929 says:

    wow, great deals you found Anne… ana jud na basta wise shopper mag halungkat talaga maka bargain lang. Ing ana pud ko, bahal kapoy basta maka bargain sad and enjoy man pud diba? hehehe

  2. anne says:

    hi haze mao jud pili ta barato ron oi unsaon man nang branded then mahal ay krisis ang panahon wahh

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