When You Believe

I just watched Kung Fu Panda a while ago with my family so that is why I came up with that title “When You Believe”

In this life everyone has its own tactics to survive although it is so sad to hear when one could not seem to fight when storm in life attacks. Some would just quit and walk away and some would just think to rather die than to overcome the trials.

I am not saying that I can endure all the challenge in life, there were times before that I feel like quitting but when I thought of some other people who strive hard to survive, to defeat circumstances. They made it and why couldn’t I?

I have reached this far because I believe that I can, I was able to finish college because I believe of my dreams even that means I have to walk through the hole of the needle so to fulfill of what I just started. It was hard especially when I had no parents to support me and to tell me that I can make it to the end, only the thin voice of my Father remains in my heart that it is better to finish the line than to stop in the middle and walk away.

We just have to believe despite of whatever comes in our way. When you are broken, lonely and down, then believe that it would only pass you by and sooner or later you would able to stand up and face your life again. When someone you love neglects you and left you in the middle of your journey then believe that somewhere along the road you would find a genuine love, more of what you expect.

Remember in this way of life, past is only a history, the future is a mystery and now is a gift that’s why its called present.

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