Thinking To Buy A Double Deck Bed

Our bed here at home could only be fit by two persons or three persons when Mariel and Mj were still little. But now since Mariel is already a teenager and Mj is almost half my size and with Faith along with us, geez we can’t fit at all in our bed especially when Faith is occupying the most space in our bed that sometimes I lay down vertical to them and I’ll just put my feet over their feet so I can fit and sleep.

Faith had her crib emptied since she like to sleep with us, she can sleep straight through out the night whenever she is beside us, so what else can I do but to fit in that simple and oh so tiny bed of ours.

I am thinking to buy another bed and I am still looking for a very affordable but nice bed in store, I may needed more time and budget to buy that double deck bed, so I will not wake up in the middle of the night being smashed by these kids. Tsk, tsk, tsk

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5 Responses to “Thinking To Buy A Double Deck Bed”

  1. texas_sweetie says:

    haha ayaw palupig ikaw maoy daku. dat-ogi pud sa magkuyaig lang.. bitaw joke ra.

    a double deck bed would be a good idea ninyo diha..

  2. Genejosh says:

    hi…been here for the mommy moments’ meme…sorry di ko nakita ang entry…glad to be here..nice ng layout mo…

    Mine is here: Daddy’s Moment

  3. Kangaroo says:

    pagkalooy nimo girl..pra makasleep ka tarong sa ilalom na lang sa bed wa pay kakompetensiya joke joke joke?ehehehe bitaw oi nice bitaw ng double deck girl pareha sa balay

  4. anne says:

    Hi anne hahahha lagi kadugayan ani nila pangwaklihan ko mani bah hehhee

  5. anne says:

    Hi Gene josh sorry for redirecting you kasi i was really droopy na eh

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