She Can Communicate Just Fine

Unlike before, when Ate Mj communicates with Terry she only uses sign language so she could deliver what she wanted to say to her Daddy every time he took his vacation with us. But now I noticed she can communicate to him at all, well there are some words needed to correct but it is just fine at least she is not using her hands now. Lol

If I have let her use my computer I guess she prefers to be the one to write her daily activities on her blog but due to some reasons like she might be exposed in too much games or she would be like me, sitting for hours and hours in the computer I rather do it my own. Anyway I would allow her when she reaches the right age.

If Terry would be here for long, I guess Ate Mj would learn to speak English perfectly even we don’t teach her, she is a good observant and she is very determined to use it even at first it is more likely a not so nice English.

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2 Responses to “She Can Communicate Just Fine”

  1. momgen says:

    Masanay na sa English if somebody inside the family sige English Anne specially diri na sa US. musta mo diha oy.

  2. anne says:

    lagi hehehe na surprise ko kay maka estorya na siya sa iyang daddy ug english hehehe

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