We Found Her

We’ve heard news that Mom’s remains are no longer in the cemetery we had put her into at Mangagoy, they said that if the tomb that has not been taken cared of or was not visited for quite a while has been moved to the big cross, they also said that the old cemetery was abolished for commercial. We were so worried for not finding my Mom at all.

We sometimes dreamed of her, it is either she was crying or just turn her back on us. My dad also told me in my dream that our Mom is sad and that she cannot face us. My sister dreamed of my Dad one night too saying that our Mom went back and he found her. We were already thinking to at least gather her memories like pictures or her wedding gown to be buried together with my Dad’s tomb.

When we went to Mangagoy yesterday right after I get my baptismal certificate, we decided to visit the big cross, we asked the tricycle driver where it is located, he answered us immediately that the big cross is still in the old cemetery. But when we asked him if it is true that the old cemetery was abolished and the remains were put together under the old cross, he denied it he said it was not true. We’ve seen a glimpse of hope that our Mom is still there after 24 years of not seeing her. But when we arrive at the office, we could not remember the block and the exact location; we cannot even find her in the list! Not to mention that the old cemetery change a lot, there were tombs here and there and it is impossible to find her as easy as that. We almost lose hope but our determination to find my Mom was so strong, we should find her.

The care taker did not join us to look for her; he said it is not possible if we don’t know the block number and all that. We don’t even have the mark yet we still pursue it, we have to find my Mom. While I checked the labels almost each of the tomb and didn’t care the weeds that scattered around, my sister was also busy walking and looking for her tomb, she can only remember that the tomb is near the passageway. When I asked her why does she have to go to what I thought it was the new cemetery, she said her feet dragged her there, so I went to join her and whispered a little help from Mom to lead us where she is. When I glanced at the side of the cemetery, I seemed I saw my Mother’s name so I walked beyond there to be near at the tomb only to find out it was not her but when I turn at my side, I saw the letter E which is the beginning letter of my Mom’s name, it has been covered by weeds so I was not able to see her full name, I checked on it. My eyes grew big all so sudden, my heart beat too much while joyously called my sister behind me.

When we were cleaning the tomb I noticed that there’s an ipil ipil tree that grew at my Mom’s tomb, it was then we realized that it was Dad who planted for mark when he was still alive, maybe he knows that it would take us sometimes to visit Mom’s tomb. The care taker also said that they attempted to kill the tree but it did not died although it was not that big but it would be enough distraction if someone wanted that space.

We are so happy; I immediately paid the rental fee until 2012. She is safe there but even so I am still thinking to transfer her here so she will be together with my Dad. I can’t wait though but I have to save for the expenses that will incur with all that stuff.

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2 Responses to “We Found Her”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Ganyan din samin Anne, we have to pay every five years to retain Papa’s tomb..

    Glad you found her,..

  2. anne says:

    yes every five years din doon girl kaya binayaran ko from 1988 down to 2012…

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