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I Reached The Top

When my Niece had reached the final level of Zuma, I was then working so hard to at least defeat her score. Just two days ago, right after I arrived home I went immediately to my other computer to start hitting the balls with the same color.

As the level get higher, my life in the game was also lessened, I always hit the wrong balls that made me lose at the end of game, since I am too persistent I did not stop it until I won. It was in the last level that I only got one life at all; there were no coins to help you to get more scores and to help you finish the game that fast. You just hit and hit the balls until it is finish; it took me a while to finish the last level because I was already confused of so much colors in the screen. Good thing, my sister was there behind me to coach me where to hit the ball then the crown was turn over to me, the screen gave me a golden frog and that’s it!

Whew, a golden from exchange with your undying effort just to win it. I don’t think it was a good deal. Lol!

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