The Best Tiles For Bathroom And Kitchen

When we move in to this house almost two years ago, I thought that the wall in our bathroom was already fully furnished and it already had tiles. But we found out that they only installed tiles in the floor, and the wall is totally bare. We thought to complain to the developer of this subdivision since our neighbors bathroom had tiles installed in the wall. In the contrary, we leave it that way because I had plans to have it install a stainless steel backsplash tiles, as they said it is the best thing for bathrooms and in the kitchen too. And since our living room have to prioritize first for it is really so small, thus we really need to extend it. Maybe, the bathroom would be right after I am finish with my living room renovation.

We already call someone to estimate the expenses and the labor fees, one had lower bid that the other one, but the difference is that the first one had limits in extending the space, while the latter one doesn’t have and that we could extend it as wider as we want to. Though we won’t do it soon at least I have the estimates on how much would we have to spend for the extension, plus I need to save more for that.

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