Siomai VS Siopao

I just want to share our experienced way back when I was in college about the Siomai and Siopao with my best friend. I was able to remember this because the other day Clarinda my ever dearest friend treated me a Siopao, Avocado Shake, Noodles and Tropical Salad.

Anyway, so it was our break and I invited my best friend to accompany me to the store where my sister works before. When we arrived at the store, I noticed that my sister was so busy; she gave me money instead so I could buy a snack to the fast food center, usually when we buy snacks, we always ordered a siopao and that time we thought if we could buy something else for a change. The siomai was on their menu, so I asked my best friend if she knows about Siomai, she suddenly told me that it is the smaller version of the Siopao, so without any doubts we grabbed two Siomai, one for her and one for me. We took a big plate for it and waited the waiter to give us the Siomai, when she puts the Siomai in our plate; I glanced at my best friend who looks so surprised too. Then I asked the waiter if he really gave us a real Siomai and he said yes.

I held my laugh as my best friend grabbed my arms then we headed to the nearest table, she laugh so hard when we were just about to sit down, we really thought that a siomai is just like the siopao, only it is smaller than it. We never thought that it is really really really small, that it could only fit to a small saucer.

From then on, every time I go to a restaurant to eat meals or to buy snacks, I always make sure that I know the food that they will serve so I won’t be embarrass just as that, well we had a good laugh though.

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