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She Lost It

Mj was so excited that her Ninang Anet gave her P100.00 as a gift on Christmas Day and on her birthday. She keeps on telling me, she would save some of it, my sister Irenie also reminded her to give the money to me so we could buy something that is reasonable and not only junk foods or candies. She did not instead she hid it in her wallet.

It was Saturday that we went all together in the space that my sister rented for her business, she opened it that day so we had a small gatherings and invited her friends in her new store. Though no cutting of ribbon still we enjoyed our stay there, well we brought the red ribbon cake of Mariel during her birthday.

Later in the afternoon, I spotted a saloon nearby and thought it would be nice if I would get hot oil for my hair and a new hair cut for Mariel, when we returned in the store, Mj asked me if my wallet was inside my bag, we looked for it but we could not find it. Obviously, it has been stolen or she dropped it in the street when she bought junk foods for her and her cousin.

She tends to forget all about because she would cry if she will remember it, but sister Irenie was teasing her and blaming her of not putting it inside my bag. I thought it was alright with her until she blurted out of not to remind her of her lost wallet because tried too hard not to cry. When we went home, she calculated the money that inside the wallet then she told me that the change was still P88.00 sigh!

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