So Elegant

I dropped by at our neighbor’s house a while ago, when me and Faith were about to go to buy a vegetable to a store nearby. She recommended a florist for a wedding that is so affordable, when I asked her if I could use her bathroom for call of nature, I was so astounded with her bath faucet installed in her bathroom, it was so elegant and so stylish, it is well coordinated with the style of her bathroom. How I wish I could have that one installed too in my bathroom, meanwhile I have to save that in my mind because I can’t afford that one, just yet.

When I went back to her living room, I saw Faith running back and forth and picking up some toys of her daughter at the bottom of her TV rack, good thing she is so generous to let those toys with my little love bug. She handed me the flyers of the florist right away as it would rain very soon and we still had to buy some vegetables for dinner.

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