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Proud And Worried

Faith’s cough is getting hard and that makes me really so sad, although her Pedia already prescribed her medicines but still as a Mom I can’t help to get worried until she will recover. Last night, she already got runny nose and every time she sneeze she would run to me while telling me “Ading” “Ading” meaning “Achu” and that I have to wipe her snots, that is more liquid in her nose. I was not able to sleep that much because I have to attain her and the time for her medicine. She woke up early in the morning and was coughing very hard, she throws up afterwards.

My eldest daughter Mj woke up all so sudden, when she heard her little sister throwing up, I was already carrying Faith and point her mouth in the floor so the bed sheet won’t get mess. Mj look so concerned of Faith, my sister Irenie woke up too and got Faith, she continued to throw up in the living room when sister brought her there. Mj then reach for a new shirt for Faith and gave it to sister Irenie. I asked her as well to get a wet cleaning rag to clean Faith’s puke; she then went to the kitchen and cleans the mess in the floor.

I am just so proud of Ate Mj, she really take the role of being the Ate and Faith is looks up to her because my little love bug knows that she can always turn to her.

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You’re In The Right Track

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