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Mommy Moments: Encounter With Pets or Animals

mommy moments

Well, we have fish at home and every time Faith would pass by to our aquarium that is place in our laundry area, she would say “sshhh ssshhh” meaning Fish. Unfortunately I was not able to capture a picture pointing her with the fish in the aquarium.

Meanwhile, we have pictures here when we went to the Crocodile Park here in our place, first was during Mj’s school field trip last year, I really wanted her to pose with the snake on her neck, don’t get me wrong, there is this guy who is taking good care of the snake and was beside us during that time. But every time I insist Mj to pose for a while, she would run away. So for the sake of souvenirs of that snake I asked her to take me a picture instead with a snake on my neck while she enjoys herself with the snake nearby that doesn’t move at all.

Me with a phyton snake

The snake that doesn’t move

The second pictures was during the birthday of my Mom’s friends, they invited us and we went to crocodile park again, Mariel my niece was so eager to take a captured moment with a snake with my friend Cheryl, Mj is again nowhere to be found, she really don’t like snakes.

Cheryl and my niece Mariel

Third was when we were in Malagos, a park where you could find a variety of eagles inside the big cage, Faith was with us during that time, so when we got home at that day I was really drained. She keeps on running back and forth in the park and was so amazed with all the animals she saw.

Faith was so amazed with the eagle that she didn’t mind the camera at all.

Us with the crocodile

Want to share your kids encounter with animals, join here.

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