Forgive Me Oh God

I know I’ve done something wrong again today and it really pisses me off, I am doing my best to hold my temper Oh Lord. But sometimes I just can’t I just let it flow until I hurt the person I love and cared so much.

I am bleeding in pain and how I wish I can act real fast to heal the wound I just created. But how could I heal the wound when the damaged has been done? When the words were already too much, and the emotion is overpowering that I can’t bear at all, I am becoming baseless and naive. I hope to see things carefully, I hope to know what’s the best thing to do just to make it right, and be calm when everything did not turn out right, I hope not to freak out when this person can’t meet my expectations, I am doing the best I can to understand why it has to be that way while I am trying to spoon feed of the things that I know.

I hope this person would forgive me somehow, I hope this person realizes that what I’ve done and why I am reacting that much is because I want her to do good and more. Even though I am already becoming pointless of my reactions but I am just a person who loves that person so much so she could get through her dreams in life.

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  1. Twerlyn says:

    hala kinsa kaha na Anne hehe!masabtan ra ka nya ana oi kay for her own good man imo buot ipasabot nya.

    wala nako nag EC drop mao nag visit2x nalang ko bisag asa

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