Mini Office

Yes, I am making a mini office here in the house, where my other computer placed, since Sister Irenie slowly got her things to transfer for her store. I am taking advantage to arrange the stuff of our table like folders and files. Not to mention that I got all those receipts from my insurance and receipts for our house. I gather all those stuff so I have back up in case the insurance office will deny that I paid on date.

Anyway, I have to go now for I have to go to Mariel’s school to pay her tuition fee, I already paid Mj’s tuition fee yesterday, she had asked by her teacher to go back home because her fever just got high. Good thing I was there to fetch her. They were so careful of kids get sick since the virus just spread so easily and fast though they made sure that everything still manageable and it was not that serious.

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  2. Twerlyn says:

    hi Anne, kato ra isa na blog nako naa EC..unsa imo Q regarding spousal visa?send lang ug Q sa twerlyn at yahoo dot com ha. tc

  3. anne says:

    Hi sagar thanks for dropping by

  4. anne says:

    Hi twerlyn actually it was not me who had question about spousal visa maybe in the future I would have thousands of question, ung friend ko si clarinda I already told her about your yahoo email thanks

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