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It Is Just A Count Of Three

I am so exhausted, I really want to crawl to bed to sleep but I still have many things to do yet and one of those things, is to summarize all my expenses for today in Microsoft Excel, I’d been doing this thing for quite a while already so if you tell that it is probably more hassle and I am just wasting my time on writing every details of where did I spend my money, for me it is not because I can save more when I do that.

I could track all the expenses and where the money did goes, so every single centavo counts. Anyway, I have to go now folks; it has been a long day today even yesterday that I would be post it here what really happen to us when Mj was sent to the school clinic. So count with me now 1, 2 3 click! Goodnight everyone!

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In A Tuxedo Or Not

One of my friends told me that one of the best suits for men to wear on a wedding is a tuxedo and of course it would be perfect when you wear a tuxedo shirt on it. Terry already bought a suit for our upcoming wedding it could have been advantage if he did not buy a suit yet so we could choose a tuxedo for him but he did so we have no choice but to get comfortable with it.

On the other hand, whatever formal suit he would wear on our wedding day doesn’t matter at all to me, what important is that the wedding would be peaceful, everyone is happy and contented. And he could come and will wait for me in the altar while I walk down the aisle. With him in a tuxedo or not, for me he is the best groom I will ever have and the man that I have always been in love with.

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Mommy Moments : Playing Time

mommy moments

Wow! The days ran so fast, it seems like yesterday that I posted the pout thing on Mommy Moments and now here we are once again, thinking what to write on today’s theme, well it was not that hard to look for pictures for today’s theme because there are tons to show off their playing time.

The pictures made me smile simply because they were just having a fun time to picked up toys in the Wonderland, they could also interact with other kids there. Mj is really taking care of Faith seriously even that means she can’t play that much at all because Faith was there to watch for. She is not complaining at all because she knows that along those toys there is one person to be prioritized first and that is her little sister Faith. She let Faith join to play with some friends she made up there though and I am really so proud that this two little girls of mine are so close and so sweet to each other.

Today’s theme really brighten my day, since yesterday was totally a little disastrous because of what happen at school that I have to send Mj that instant in the hospital to make sure that everything is okay.

Mj is taking good care of our little baby Faith
Ate Mariel is with Daddy at this time so she was not able to join

What candies do you like Faith?

Their video together in Best Western Manila when we went there to get some documents at the Embassy with Terry.

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Terry Is Now Playing Golf

Since he doesn’t have enough time to exercise in treadmills every day, though he is trying very hard to at least use it once a week, he still thinks of something else that would help him reduce and to play golf once again would be best for him.

He told me about this a week before he played golf with his friends and he had fun. Though he had a small injuries like back pains, he still fine. They rested for one week then they would play again on Saturday. I am just so happy that besides work and home to chat with us, he is now going out with his friends to do something else that would help them to lose weight especially that his blood pressure is quiet high.

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