I Burst Out Laughing

I don’t know what happen to the photographer of my dear friend Clarinda during her wedding that she took a lot of photos of me laughing so hard. I was just teasing Clarinda at this time, when she wears her wedding gown and made a glamorous pose for us. I didn’t notice that when I was laughing, the photographer took a snap shot of me.

Lesson learned, if ever you would attend a wedding you should be cautious and watch out for the photographer so you could pose right away when he direct his camera on you! Lol

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4 Responses to “I Burst Out Laughing”

  1. Joops says:

    looking at your picture makes me happy!

  2. jHeLea says:

    slim lagi ka kaayo sa photos girl….BTW, I love your laughter…

  3. anne says:

    hehehe thanks joops

  4. anne says:

    Hi girl hehehhe gi guot lang na maayo ang sanina hehehe

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