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About Home School

Yesterday, I was searching for a Home school and what is it all about. Well there are many facts I discovered and one of them was that, there are many kids who become academically advanced and become closed to the family. Home school is according to Wikipedia are the education of kids at home, usually with parents but sometimes with tutor and most childhood education occurred within the family or community.

In the US home schooling has been rooted, in fact there are ten presidents who were home schooled. In the Philippines it started just yet, and mostly kids are so inclined because the mother can focused on them only unlike with public or private schools, the teachers have to teach 40 or more students.

There are home schools already in the Philippines that are accredited to Department of Higher Education, it is so tempting to just home school Mj, aside from the fact that you could save money for it because the kids don’t need to have an allowance at school, uniform and all that but I am not sure yet. I am still trying to gather some information about home school. Well maybe if we decide to live in US we will try it for 6 months with Mj for her to become used to her environment.

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