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Labor Pains

Finally, I was able to finish the movie Labor Pains of Lindsay Lohan last night in You Tube. I had a good laugh and fell in love with the story as well. It is about a girl who is desperately to stay as a secretary to her boss when he tried to fire her, she lied that she is p pregnant. But she made a promise that once she can find another job, she would get out a natural way, meaning she had to pretend she had a miscarriage and all that.

But when her boss took a vacation leaves, his nephew took over in a while and with one book that they have to publish, the two was developed at that.

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Planning To Buy A New Toy For Our Faith

I have a very active toddler. She has a motor that will not run down. She keeps going and going and going. She enjoys playing with her sister who is 8 years old, but sometimes I think she would enjoy swing sets. I worry a bit that she may hurt herself because she seems never to get tired.And I think a swing set would help her channel her energy and help her with her coordination. Not only would it be fun for her, it would be good for her. I love my little love bug and she deserves the best.

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