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I Miss My Figure Before

I got big right after I deliver Faith and I have a hard time of getting back to my shape before until I resorted to a diet pill two months ago, plus I have done a lot of house chores here at home that helps me a lot to lose weight. But how I wish I could get back the shape that I was before, even after I deliver Mj because I still have my flabby belly that I need to get rid off I may have to exert my effort more.

Obviously, I miss my figure before, because I could still wear a small size of blouses and T-shirt and so sad that I could not wear them at all. Although my friends said that I look alright with what I am now but I really could feel the difference between before and now, because I can just choose a nice small dress right away unlike now, I have to look for a blouse that is loose so my tummy would not be too obvious.

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