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I Saw Her Fell Out From The Crib

My little baby Faith slept in her crib, since she got affected when the elders are sick when I put her in our bed. I have not yet buy a double bed because our funds are not enough to settle for one, I already made a canvassed for it and holy cow! The frame alone would cost us P9,000 so we have to set that one aside, anyway I could still make a solution of separating Faith from us and the only way to do that is to put her on her play pen for her to sleep.

Early this morning, she woke me up with her voice from the crib saying “Mama” you see I have to be alert when she is awake, because she might jump from the crib or stand up and would touch any things that are within her reach, and one wrong move she could fell out from the bed. Although she does not attempt to jump, not that yet, but I have to be cautious of that, so if she is awake you have to get her from the crib to avoid accidents. I already put her out from the crib this morning and because I was too sleepy, she keep on bugging me in our bed and sometimes pull my shirt to get up. When she notices that I ignore her, she went to the living room with Ate Mj. At that time Mj was already awake because of Faith’s noise.

I was sleeping at that, and sometimes overheard Faith talking from the other bedroom with sister Irenie this time, Mj was already in front of the computer watching Mr. Bean once again in You Tube. Suddenly I saw Faith in the crib standing up and tried to reach up something in the other cabinet, I can’t move I was so shock because while reaching out for whatever she wanted to touch from the cabinet, she fell from the crib and her head hit in the floor. I got up from our bed right away while screaming her name “Faith!” And suddenly I opened my eyes, knowing that it was all a dream, thank God! I then decided to got up and follow Faith in my sister’s bedroom.

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Get The Right And Best Car Accessories

Having a clean car is not enough if you really want it to be noticed. If you really want a sweet looking ride, you need to have the appropriate car accessories . If you want your car to look good and for it to stand out among all the others on the road, make unique, get auto accessories that make your car look the best.

I am planning to have my own car, second hand car would be alright for me as long as I get to have the right and the best accessories, that would make my car strikingly awesome, nobody would be able to say, I just got a second hand used car.

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Book Tag

Once again, I had been tag by a blogger friend and I am posting it late, I saw the comment last week I think but I was not able to post the tag right away, Mommy Anne is too busy here at home and is also busy preparing for the upcoming wedding, I never even half of the works to be finished, I am still waiting for Terry to send me enough funds for some expenses, I have paid the other stuff from my Paypal, though Terry is not obliging me to used my own money, it is my will to pay some other stuff so we would spend lesser amount this month and next month when he is here.

Moreover, let me say thank you to Willa of Smart Mommy for giving me this book tag, I really appreciate it girl.

1. Collect the book that you have most handy
2. Turn to page 161
3. Find the 5th complete sentence
4. Cite the sentence on your blog
5. Pass it on to 5 other victims (Oops! bloggers)

I am just reading the Eclipse of Stephinie Meyer the continuation of the Twilight Saga and once more since my schedule here is so hectic; I still did not finish it yet. And since my camera is still on the way, I will just grab some pictures in Google.

The 161 page in the 5th sentence content is “He told me everything and sometimes I listened.”

This is when Esme the most beautiful among the Cullen clan advised Bella not to choose of being the vampire, as they didn’t have any choice to becoming one.

Choices and Decisions are sometimes hard when you choose the wrong one and yet you are happy with it, and once you choose it, you could never back the time that you were once, so when you choose and decide, you must know the consequences, that lies ahead and be sure that the choices you made could make you happy and things will follow smoothly.

I would to share this tag to the following bloggers:

Allena of In the Eyes of the Beholder, Jhlea of Complex Life, Jen of My Sweet Haven and Jessienie of OZ Life.

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I Wish To Have This Gadget

Terry sent a MP3 for Mariel and Moreen as his Christmas gifts last Christmas, I have not ask for this gadget because I thought I am too old enough for it, but when I tried it once when I went out, I really had a good time. How I wish to have this one someday or ipods perhaps, so I could get to listen for new music’s and songs that I like, because as of this time I am only listening to You Tube Music Videos.

Aside from this gadget, there is one thing that I like to have and guess what it is? A new camera and Terry purchased it just last night, he asked me if I like the Nikon camera and I told him as long as it has fine result and it is user friendly, I’m on it. So folks watch out for my new shoots and pictures as it has been a long time already that I have not posted any new pictures here.

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