I Wish To Have This Gadget

Terry sent a MP3 for Mariel and Moreen as his Christmas gifts last Christmas, I have not ask for this gadget because I thought I am too old enough for it, but when I tried it once when I went out, I really had a good time. How I wish to have this one someday or ipods perhaps, so I could get to listen for new music’s and songs that I like, because as of this time I am only listening to You Tube Music Videos.

Aside from this gadget, there is one thing that I like to have and guess what it is? A new camera and Terry purchased it just last night, he asked me if I like the Nikon camera and I told him as long as it has fine result and it is user friendly, I’m on it. So folks watch out for my new shoots and pictures as it has been a long time already that I have not posted any new pictures here.

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