Who Am I?

My eldest daughter love to sing, she can even memorize all the songs that she like, she sometimes follow the lyrics in the MYX where they would show the video with the lyrics and afterward she would sing it by herself. And mind you, even I did not enroll her to any voice lesson studio, she can still sing very well.

And one of the songs that she frequently sang is “Who Am I?” Actually I just asked the title from her today on our way home, when we heard it over the radio in the taxi cab we were riding, she rapidly said “I know the song” then she sang it, I just knew it now that it is a gospel song as I tried to listen every words.

Here’s the video of the song:

Advance Happy Sunday everyone!
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2 Responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. Mom of Four says:

    I didn't hear the song, since my laptop is mute (My hubby needs to fix my sound) but it's amazing how kids can know the songs just by listening to it on radio. Malay mo, maging singer si MJ, eh di oks na oks..I encourage mo lang..

  2. anne says:

    Hi Liz its ok if ever your laptop would fix just try to listen to it, it is really a nice song

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