My Kids Are Sick

Tomorrow, Faith will have another MMR vaccine; she also got colds so it will be included in tomorrow’s agenda. But when I went home tonight from the Mall with Clarinda, Mj and Mariel got a terrible cough, in fact right now they are sleeping in the living room so Faith won’t be affected much, Mj told me that she had sent again to the clinic because her tummy was aching and she got sore on her throat as well. I am running out of medicines, I also don’t have FERN-C vitamins anymore stocked in my bag and I am running out of funds!

I wanted to send the kids to their Pediatrician but since they have classes and Mariel is cramming for her project to be submitted by tomorrow and my money would only be for Faith’s vaccine, I might just buy them a Salbutamol and Solmux.

I hope to send them on Saturday if they are still not be alright, I am bombarded with expenses right now that sometimes I don’t know which one will I settle first. I am actually thinking to go back to work to help Terry some expenses here at home, I hope to find one but I am not sure, where, what and when, life sometimes is hard.

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2 Responses to “My Kids Are Sick”

  1. momgen says:

    Sometimes life is cruel and we cant understand. I feel what you feel Anne we are in same boat its just different situation. All we have to do is pray hope God will find a away to have a rainbow after the rain. TC

  2. Momma Bams says:

    My gosh.. i hope they are ok by now. Its very stressful when our kids get sick. Nakaka-worry pa..

    It's been awhile.. i really hope you are all ok especially the kids

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