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Life Could Be Lighter

Maybe I should say weight could be lighter if you are not fat and have used the best fat burners but life is just like a wheel sometimes you really have to struggle your patience to achieve your goal, like getting slim perhaps, there are sacrifices to be made just to reach the waistline that you are dreaming of, and a lot of hard work just to lose weight.

I am crossing my fingers not to lose weight because I think my weight is alright, I hope to at least flatten my stomach, that is my major problem right now. Do you know that my hope could be compare to one lonely strand of my hair to fix this flabby belly? I guess I have to face that I just could not get rid of my fats that easy unless if I do exercise like 100 million times or more in a day, how I wish to just borrow the wand of a fairy God mother so that in one snap of my finger, I could have the waist line that I desire.

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