He Must Have Been Pissed Off

It was a sunny morning, Grace and I just logged out from work that we decided to drop by at the gym. You must imagine that since it was morning, we haven’t sleep yet, we were a bit tired from the queue calls from last night but we are persistent to drop by at the gym, I know we should have been took a diet pills or must search a diet pill reviews online but we thought that a work out must be the best alternative.

The trainer started to instruct us what to do slowly, step by step and all that, but we counted the number so fast while doing the work out, the trainer abruptly told us that we were doing the wrong way, we then blurted out that if we would do it slowly as he requires, we might fell asleep on the floor right away. He must have been pissed off because after that he doesn’t care anymore, he just let and left us there operating the treadmill by ourselves.

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