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How Could Someone You Love Say Goodbye?

It is either in death, betrayal and or because the love just fades away, someone had to say goodbye. Yes it hurts but someone had to face the reality that sometimes all the things that we used to have won’t last forever.

But what I don’t understand is that, why would the two lovers decided to get married then after how many months, will end just like they’re blowing bubbles in the end. Then after like few weeks, you will see the other one already had someone with. Why had to be fall in love then later decide to be apart? Why would promised everything in this world, while the one you love cannot even make it., But which one is worst a relationship that ended, with betrayal or ended with death? He is dying and you could not take him back, he is no longer there and that will be forever.

Hence, when love still blossomed, when the one you love is still there with you, don’t let time loose you, say it while he can still hear you saying, that you love him or her so much.

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