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Two Year Old Girl Sold Out

When I heard about this from my sister about a two year old girl being sold out by her mother to an Indian who is known as Bombay or Turko in our place, I couldn’t help but to worry about the girl’s situation. The Mom as what my sister told me had no choice because she cannot feed her two kids anymore, and to her frustrations she was reported to 163 an agency here for child’s abuse, because she beat her eldest who is only 5 years old. Thus, that is not a valid reason to hurt her kids or to sell the other one to a stranger, what she did could traumatize the baby, because a two year old kid could identify already who her mother is, didn’t she love her baby? Does she know that the stranger could also sell the kid to another stranger and used her to a certain illegal business?

I just hope that the stranger had a warmth lovely heart and will not sell the kid, thus he would keep the kid and will treat her as his own. God may bless the kid and will shield and protect her from any harm.

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