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Strike With Allergies

Right after we went to watch a movie, we went to the powder room that is when Mariel dropped my pressed powder onto the floor. It was all smashed and damaged that I need to buy a replacement to the nearest boutique inside the mall; I found one pressed powder that is much cheaper than of what I have before so I bought it and a concealer.

Three days after I applied that on my face, I feel some small red spots in my face and it was so itchy. It was then I realized I might have an allergy with the concealer and that pressed powder I bought, the spots went on until I took anti-histamine, a medicine for allergy, the small spots started to fade and I hope it will gone perfectly without any trace.

I gave the pressed powder to my sister and I order the powder that I used to have before from my sister Irenie, I guess I have to stick with that. Even that is expensive than the one I bought, if that’s the only way not to have this itchy small spots.

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