Im Back!

I am back, yes I had been in a hiatus for two weeks I guess, no updates and all well blame it to the Farmtown and the Restaurant City in the Facebook because my whole day was glued to that. Then, lately I suddenly found it so boring, I don’t like to plow and to harvest anymore, my senses were numb, I don’t like to do anything in the computer.

Yet, it took me days to update here; I was too busy of some other stuff that as of now I could tell not just yet, maybe when the right time comes. One thing for sure I love this life that GOD has given me, I have the man who loves me so tender, I got my family who is always there for me, my daughters, who always makes me laugh. I may not know what life’s ahead I might have so many trials and storms but I know I can keep a good fight, I know I will survive.

I have gone this far, I stood up with dignity and had head held high despite of all the circumstances of my life, my life has not been very good ever since I was in my first year of college. But GOD had always been there; he guided my way and joined me in my journey that is why I am still here. God always makes a way when I felt there is no way, it’s all up to us to help ourselves, to get out from that mess, we just have to have a faith in him and everything will put into places.

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2 Responses to “Im Back!”

  1. inday_adin says:

    Na kay daghan jud kaayo tang na adik aning dulaa dah! hehehehe.. mao pod ko sanglit na zero akoa Google Rank sa PPP kay wala nako ga blog, mommy Anne B! hehehe.. Welcome back!

  2. ♥Willa♥ says:

    I played both games too but after a while nabo bored na ako..paulit ulit lang ginagawa mo and walang brain stimulations. I play pa rin sometimes pero di na ako addicted.
    and yeah, it was also the same time na napabayaan ko ang aking mga blogs. 🙂

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