It Was Such A Long Day

Due to what happen last night, aside from having a concert early this morning, I found myself so boring. The house immediately became empty now, not to mention that Terry went back to Maryland and the kids had school today. Faith was the only one talking and babbling, uttering some words I can’t understand.

Right after sister Merlyn arrived, she immediately got Faith and let her ate her breakfast, while I was setting up the new computer to my smart bro, I thought I needed a technician from them but I tried it anyway, and I successfully set it up.

Clarinda, message me then, we agreed to go out today so she can also go to the insurance company to continue finally her contribution as she could use it when she would deliver her baby soon. It was nice to know that they posted the life insurance policy in the wall so everyone could see and will not fall in line in the information desk at all; knowing that every day the information desk is so crowded with a lot of inquiries. That policy in the wall helps people to be updated and to know the terms and rules of the insurance.

It was such a long day, Clarinda and I had a long talks regarding life and some stuff, I was a bit enlightened that you cannot pleased everyone, I am done with it now it’s time to move on.

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