I Want To Grow Old With You

The wedding is over but the memories are still fresh here in my heart and in my mind, I just can’t forget your smile, your gaze especially when you said I do. It was a nice feeling that I walked in the aisle with you, holding hands together, smiling in front of our guests.

Yes, the party is over and I look forward of so many good memories that would happen to us, we will be sharing our laughs and smiles, telling each one that our love will never perished and it will bloom until forever. But I know that in marriage, there will be no always good memories, of course there is a lot of trials that would come our way but I am ready for it, I am ready for the challenge, as long as there is you and me, I know we can make it.

I don’t have to worry anymore as I always thought before I met you; I will not worry of the future because I know you are there. I want to grow old with you hon, even that means we would need to buy a walk in tubs because we cannot lift our legs anymore to get into the tub, it would be nice because the tub will have a compliant seat and a non slip contoured one so we won’t have a hard time while we are having our nice bath in the tub.

I promised you this, even we both have gray hair, even we both need clutches to walk, even my sight will gets blurry, my love will always be with you until forever. I love you hon and I always will.

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2 Responses to “I Want To Grow Old With You”

  1. Twerlyn says:

    when was the wedding? Best wishes Anne..Please share photos..hehe!

  2. anne says:

    Hi twerl i think I posted some of the pictures in my friendster, thanks for dropping by

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