Life Is Too Precious

I was so hungry when we arrived at the Kumon this morning, well I have not eaten my breakfast yet and we were running late already, well I am on a diet after all so I did not exert an effort to make our breakfast. I jusT told MJ to serve herself rice that was left from last night and milk for her viand. Bad Mom! So I have to take the punishment of a growling tummy and a low self-esteem, I really felt so weak whenever I go out in the house with an empty stomach as if I cannot do everything but to sit down, gees I even can’t think any thing right until Mj went out from the Kumon Center and told me she was ready to go home.

Diet will goes bad when you are doing the wrong way, just like what I did this morning. I should not skip breakfast since that is the only source of our strength when the day starts. Just like when you decide to take a pill let‘s say for your aiming to lose weight, you should know the side effects of diet pills you are going to buy so you would not regret it at the end. Life is too precious for you to waste it so you have to do the right way, read the label in each product you are using. And make sure if it is BFAD approved. Don’t risk your health for your desire to lose weight.

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  1. vivapinay says:

    Very well said mommy anne!

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