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Saturday 9 #35: What a Fool Believes

Today is Saturday and Mj would be attending her KUMON, she said she will have the achievement test in English so that means we really have to be early. Later, she would attend her training again, so today would be basically a busy day.
Anyway, I won’t let this day slipped away without my entry for:

1. What celebrity do you think is the MOST foolish?
Mr. Bean?
2. What are 5 things you don’t care about?
People who doesn’t care about me
Life of other people
Friends who are really not friends
Nosy People
3. What ‘issue’ do you think your opinion is so right about that you end up trying to sway others to your point of view?
Well, I can’t remember for now because in some way my friends perception or point of view is more alike, so we don’t argue much.
4. What personality do you like to listen to on the radio?
Maybe, mellow music
5. What culture are you fascinated by?
Our culture
6. You are alone with your lover’s diary. What do you do?
Nothing, it’s not my thing and I respect his privacy so he would respect mine
7. What frustrates you?
When husband promise and he cannot do it, sigh
8. Do you remember the first time you were on the internet? What did you do first?
Yeah, chatting LOL
9. What was the biggest fight you have ever had with someone?
It was all about lying, I don’t have proof but I know that someone lies to me and I hate that.
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Mommy Moments : New Family Photo

mommy moments

We don’t have any latest family picture since my husband was not able to make it here last year. We are both so antsy of being together but due to some unavoidable circumstances he was not able to visit us here. Well, I will just show you our family picture after the wedding instead.

My husband is also sending me some of his pictures, from his recent travels and or the activity that they had last year. But I will be showing you one, you know he is a private person yet because I am just a proud wife here, I can’t help to post some of our pictures and show it to the world.

And of course below is our recent picture from the New Year.

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Gifts For Him

When I asked my husband what he bought at Walmart, he told me a new wallet. I was devastated I never thought he needs a new one, which could have been my Christmas gift for him since I haven’t done anything special for him last Christmas. He told me though that it is never too late to give him some gifts, so since February is fast approaching I might be buying something as my valentine’s day gifts for him, I thought of a new shirt, belt and a new wallet so he will have a replacement ready in case the other one will be damaged. Actually I have so many things to send him in the next few months, just like the edited and the unedited wedding videos, he haven’t seen those yet so I must send him a copy for that. I already talked to the in-charge of the studio where we had our package back then during our wedding and she said I just have to pay the labor charges then in a day or two; I can get the DVD ready. I hope my husband will have a fun time watching our wedding videos from the church to the reception during our special day.
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Nostalgia #30: Happy Birthday Mj!


Today marks the birthday of my eldest, even though I don’t have much time yet I still managed to think what we would do for her birthday. I did not tell her though and she was having really doubts she could still celebrate it with her classmates because it has been days that my youngest daughter is sick and I don’t have sleep at all ever since her fever began.

She was so happy to see me this morning, I had with me the biggest pizza ever that I blog about last month. I bought 2 super extra sizes for her classmates and teachers and another family size at home. It was their periodical test today so they were dismissed early at lunch, although they have to stay in their classroom for a while to wait for their carpool, good thing we arrived just on time.

Mj was the one who distributed the juice and the pizza for her classmates, she volunteered to me so I could take some pictures of them. It is sometimes amazing how fast she had grown, that only means I am not getting any younger. She did not eat anything, she just distributed the pizza to her classmates unlike the previous birthdays she had, she opted to just sit down in her chair and just wait for me to entertain her classmates. Now, she’s doing it on her own.

Aside from the greetings, she also received gifts from her classmates. How thoughtful and sweet of them.


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