I Feel Like I Was Having A Heat Stroke

Did you notice the weather today? My God it was so hot, I feel like I was having a heat stroke when I went outside to pay for my sister’s electricity and water. She can’t pay it because she has to attend Faith while I was not around to send Mj to her swimming session. After she was done with her session, we ate the snack that my friend brought then we went to Kumon immediately. Right after I sent her, I started to get to my errands, I went to water bill then to the one who settled my renewal of my car, then to the light company to pay the electric bill, I also went to my insurance to pay my health contributions. Even I was already in the Jeepney, I still feel the sweats in my back and the heat of the sun in my head. I feel like my head would popped out in no time so when we arrive home, I asked my daughter to buy me a pain reliever and took a nap immediately.

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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Hope your feeling fine now … I knew someone he was suffered from heat stroke and blood cloth he undergo operation but he's fine now.

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