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A Little Easier For Us

Just about everything we buy these days has a barcode scanner on it. It makes it easier for cashiers to check out customers in department and grocery stores. There are some places that will even scan ID cards of their employees or visitors. Bar code scanners are practically everywhere. The ability to scan bar codes has made it possible for us to do ‘self’ checkout in certain stores. I like to use this method when I only need a few things. Bar codes and bar code scanners have certainly made life a little easier for us.

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Tough Busy Days

Today was one of the tough days we had, my schedule is so hectic. My eldest daughter will be having a practice at school for their activity on Monday and she said she just can’t skip that. So she messaged her coach last night that she will be late on her training, later this morning I will have to fetch her to send her to the pool. Then after that, we will be having lunch and then I will send her to her Kumon for her session in Math, while I will go to my dentist for an appointment I am not sure yet though if my sister had to see me for my Dad’s memorial park final decision. Sigh, can I just rest for a while and leave this busyness behind?


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Mommy Moments : Family Trip

My husband was not able to come here for a visit last year, so the family trip that we had with him was when we went to Manila on 2009 and I guess I have posted it here a gazillion of times. Thus, I am going to show you our trip on New Year with my kids at Pearl Farm.

In our room

And here are my kids having fun in the sand.

mommy moments

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Such a long day!

I am still having problem with my computer though, my husband said he will have to send me some program I don’t know that could clean up the whole stuff of this computer, I hope that works though because this really eat my time, even I only have to browse. Anyway, I just finished my daily routine here at home and this time I think I badly need some rest, this has been a long day for me. Goodnight all!

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